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Dominica’s natural landscape and untouched terrain makes it ideal for the everyday business traveler or the adventure-seeking vacationer. We have to admit, in Dominica visitors will not find the luxurious all-inclusive resorts they’ve grown accustom, but there are a variety of mid-size, peaceful getaway spots travelers can choose from.
  Fort Young Hotel
Hotel, 94 Beds, 70 Rooms (70 En suite)
Victoria Street, Roseau
Tel: 767 448 5000
Fax: 767 448 5006
Web Site:

Cradled in the beauty of Dominica's mountainous landscape, is the Fort Young Hotel, Dominica's premier Hotel. With 70 rooms, including three luxurious Oceanfront Suites, Sun Terrace, Sea Breeze Bar, Duty Free shops, the Boardwalk Cafe and Bar and the Waterfront Restaurant. Old World Charm, modern amenities and open panorama view of the Caribbean Sea, marry harmoniously in this historic building.
  Anchorage Hotel
Hotel, 32 Rooms, 64 Beds
P.O. Box 34, Roseau
Tel:767 448 2638
Fax: 767 440 2639
Web Site:

The Anchorage Hotel was established in 1971 by the Armour Family and is perched over the tranquil Caribbean Sea just one mile south of our capital city, Roseau, and only minutes away from most nature attractions. With 32 rooms, a full service Ocean Terrace Restaurant, Carib Bar, Swimming Pool and of course a team of warm friendly staff awaiting the pleasure of making The Anchorage Hotel your home away from home.
  Garraway Hotel
Garraway Hotel, Dominica
Hotel, 30 Rooms, 48 Beds PO Box 2624
P.O. Box 789
One Dame Eugenia Charles Blvd, Roseau
Tel:767449 8800
Fax:767 449 8807
Web Site:

Located on the city's bay front the Garraway Hotel is a 30 room hotel ideal for the business traveler. Comprising 20 deluxe double rooms and 10 suites, it offers the visitor a choice of rooms with either an ocean or panoramic view of Dominica's lush green mountains. Whether is business or leisure, guests at Garraway Hotel have easy access to the city's main shopping areas and other historic sites.
  Morning Bird Suite Hotel
Morning Bird Suite Hotel, Dominica
Hotel, 9 Rooms, 9 Beds
Mero, Mero
Tel:767 449 7401
Fax:767 449 7401
Web Site:

The Morning bird Apartment Hotel is located on the West coast of Dominica near the village of Mero and it's only a 20-30 minute drive from the capital city of Roseau, it is nestled on a hillside overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
  Roseau Valley Hotel
Roseau Valley Hotel, Dominica
Hotel, 18 Beds, 10 Rooms (10 En suite)
Copt Hall, Roseau
Tel: 767 449 8176
Fax:767 449 8722

Roseau Valley Hotel lies deep in the greenery of the beautiful Roseau Valley, which is Ideal spot for relaxation and rest in a peaceful setting. With 10 rooms and one studio apartment with kitchen facilities along with deluxe rooms with private balconies, fans, Cable TV and telephones. Enjoy the ever-present cool, clean, and fresh mountain breeze, which ventilates the valley.
  Silks - Luxurious Boutique Hotel
Silks - Luxurious Boutique Hotel, Dominica
Hotel, 5 Rooms, 8 Beds
Hatton Garden, Marigot
Tel:767 445 8846
Fax:767 440 4891

The Silks Luxury Boutique Hotel blends harmoniously with the elements of its natural surroundings, with a distinct Zen atmosphere. The mansion is located on the riverfront of the Pagua and St Mary rivers, on the site of the original Hatton Garden estate on eastern Coast of Dominica near the Atlantic Ocean.

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  Sunset Bay Club & SeaSide Dive Resort
Sunset Bay Club & SeaSide Dive Resort, Dominica
Hotel, 13 Rooms, 33 Beds
Batalie Beach, , Coulibistrie
Tel: 767 446 6522
Fax: 767 446 6523
Web Site:

Experience nature at its very best, unforced and unpretentious, all yours to explore. Located on the West coast of the island, the Sunset Bay Club Beach Resort is conveniently positioned on Batalie bay and spreads itself between beaches, gardens and mountain midway between Portsmouth and Roseau, the capital. Sunset Bay Club Beach hotel time becomes subjective: a succession of moments, a smile, true and generous, on all the lips.
  Sutton Place Hotel
Sutton Place Hotel, Dominica
Hotel, 12 Beds, 8 Rooms (8 En suite)
25 Old Street, Roseau, Roseau
Tel: 767 449 8700
Fax: 767 448 3045
Web Site:

Sutton Place Hotel is tucked away in the heart of Roseau's most fashionable address, the Historical French Quarter and only steps away from our shops, banks, restaurants, commercial houses and our Bayfront Boulevard for those gentle sunset walks. Guests at the Sutton place Hotel can relax in that bygone era of graciousness and enjoy the highest levels of staff responsiveness and care within a gentle setting of exquisitely appointed rooms, suites and modern conveniences.
  The Tamarind Tree Hotel
The Tamarind Tree Hotel, Dominica
Hotel, 12 Rooms, 28 Beds
Macoucherie, Salisbury P.O BOX 754
Tel: 767 449 7395
Fax: 767 449 7395

The Tamarind Tree Hotel & Restaurant is ideally located in the center of Dominica's west coast on top of a 100-foot cliff, offering a beautiful view over the Caribbean Sea, the Bay of Salisbury and Morne Diablotin. The Tamarind Tree Hotel is a pleasing middle class hotel featuring twelve double rooms with bathroom and commune porch with ocean view. The six standard rooms on the 1st floor are equipped with either one double or two single beds. The six superior rooms on the 2nd floor have one king-size or two twin beds.
  Wesleeann Suites
Wesleeann Suites, Dominica
Hotel, 27 Beds, 12 Rooms (12 En suite)
8th & 9th Street, Canefield,
Tel: 767 449 0419
Fax: 767 449 2473

Opened in 1995 the Wesleeann Hotel situated in a peaceful area of Canefield just four miles from the capital city of Roseau and 5 minutes away from the nearest beach and Canefield Airport. Positioned as one of Dominica's finest suite hotels, the Wesleeann has a total of 21 rooms, which are located in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, as well as 4 single rooms, each with a view of the Caribbean sea and Dominica's mountainous terrain.
  Portsmouth Beach Hotel
Portsmouth Beach Hotel, Dominica
Hotel, 80 Beds, 80 Rooms (80 En suite)
Picard, Portsmouth
Tel: 767 445 5142
Fax: 767 445 5599
Web Site:

Portsmouth Beach Hotel is situated on the north-west coast of Dominica and a few steps away from coconut beach, just half a mile from Portsmouth. Set in a tropical garden are 80 rooms, each with a private bathroom, verandah, telephone, air conditioning, refrigerator, wireless & fixed internet access.
  Evergreen Hotel
Hotel, 32 Beds, 17 Rooms (17 En suite) P.O. Box 431
Castle Comfort, Roseau
Tel:767 448 3288
Fax: 767 448 6800
Web Site:

The Evergreen Hotel is located on Dominica's west coast, only one mile south of Roseau, Dominica's capital city. This family run hotel affords perfect sunset views and cool ocean breezes and has been described as "Petite and Charming...A Serene Blend of Island Beauty and All the Comforts of Home. Choose from non-sea view or the sea view rooms with a private balcony, the Evergreen Hotel represents the essence of what you've been searching for in comfortable accommodations and superb cuisine at the award-winning Crystal Terrace Restaurant.
  Castaways Beach Hotel
Castaways Beach Hotel, Dominica
Hotel, 26 Rooms, 44 Beds
P.O. Box 5, Roseau
Tel:767 449 6245
Fax: 767 449 6245
Web Site:

The 24 deluxe rooms of the hotel are set in a lush, tropical garden on a beautiful gray sand beach. Noteably, Castaways Beach Hotel is the only beach hotel in Dominica. The five-acre grounds of the hotel are the home of many interesting flora and fauna, including many species of birds, iguanas, palms and fruit trees (especially the mango).
  Calibishie Lodges
Calibishie Lodges, Dominica
Hotel, 6 Rooms, 12 Beds
Main Road Calibishie,
Tel:767 445 8537
Fax:767 445 8074
Web Site:

Calibishie Lodges is a charming retreat, built in a typical Caribbean style - one of the best Dominica island hotels; located in the North Eastern side of the island with spectacular views of inland and forested mountains. The village is surrounded by banana and coconut plantations, and in this area you find the best white sand beaches of the island.

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Traditional Architecture: Historic Buildings, Verandahs, Porticoes, Gardens in the City, Windows  

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